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SAEEC signs MOU with IEEMA at African Utility Week

May 2016

The South African Electrotechnical Export Councial (SAEEC) and Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers's Association (IEEMA) sign Memorandum of Association at Africa Utility Week 2016

During African Utility Week 2016 the South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC) signed a Memorandum of Association with the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturer’s Association (IEEMA).

Founded in 1948 IEEMA is the first ISO certified industry association with 800 plus member organisations encompassing the complete value chain in power generation, transmission and distribution equipment. IEEMA members have contributed to more than 90% of the power equipment installed.

The Indian electrical equipment industry size in 2014-15 was in excess of USD 25 billion with exports of USD 5.6 billion. The industry provided direct and indirect employment to over 1.5 million persons and to over 5 million across the entire value chain.

IEEMA plays a crucial policy advocacy role with government and its agencies. IEEMA Journal brought out by the association is the mouthpiece of Indian Electrical and Industrial electronics industry. IEEMA evolves and operates equitable and uniform PVC clause and due to its unbiased approach IEEMA PVCs have gained recognition and credibility over last 3 decades.

IEEMA holds product specific conferences, seminars and large exhibitions like ELECRAMA which is the world's largest event for T&D equipment industry and INTELECT, an integrated tech platform for future of electricity. The second edition of INTELECT is scheduled in January 2017.

IEEMA has a pan India presence with its corporate office at New Delhi, registered office at Mumbai and regional offices at Kolkata and Bangalore. IEEMA has its state representatives in 8 other provincial capitals 

The IEEMA and SAEEC believe that the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding will allow for the two organisations to maintain and further mutual co-operation and understanding between the parties, through their members, to identify business opportunities in South Africa and Africa and to assist promoting collaboration including the transfer of skills and technology between Indian and South African companies.

In addition to fostering partnership agreements between member companies other areas of collaboration will include:

  • Skills and knowledge transfer between IEEMA and SAEEC members.
  • Facilitation of technology transfer agreements between IEEMA and SAEEC members.
  • Identifying and partnering in investment opportunities and sharing market intelligence for mutual benefit in both India and Africa.

IEEMA are currently the organisers and hosts of the largest Transmission and Distribution event in the world, Elecrama. It is intended through this agreement that there be collaboration with IEEMA to effect through the SAEEC the Elecrama and/or similar events and exhibitions in Africa.

SAEEC signs MOU with IEEMA



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