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Building 11, Oxford Office Park, 3 Bauhinia str, Highveld TechnoPark, Centurion, 0169

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Building 11, Oxford Office Park, 3 Bauhinia Street, Highveld Technopark, Centurion, Gauteng, 0169


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SEL designs, manufactures, and supports a complete line of products and services for the protection, monitoring, control, automation, and metering of electric power systems.  Our solutions range from comprehensive generator and transmission protection to distribution automation and control systems and industrial solutions for oil & gas, mining etc.

SEL Government Services Division is dedicated to the security, safety, and reliability of electric power at facilities ranging from military bases to ships.  Engineering Services provides engineering capabilities and system solutions to national and international customers in utilities and industrial applications. 

SEL University offers training and programs that help our customers meet the technical challenges and complexities of integrating digitally based technologies into the expanding power system infrastructure. 

Support offices around the world ensure the best possible customer experience with SEL solutions.  The close relationship between Manufacturing and R&D enables SEL to rigorously follow quality standards, beginning with first designs and extending through manufacturing and field support. 

SEL commits to serving our industry in keeping with our corporate responsibility and ethics.  We believe in a strong set of core company values, which are an essential part of SEL’s working environment as well as the way we view our community, industry, and the natural environment.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. exists to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical

Product & services

Transmission System Protection
SEL revolutionized the protection industry by building the first microprocessor-based protective relays.  SEL manufactures a complete range of TX system products for EHV Line protection, Transformer protection, Capacitor bank protection, Buszone protection etc.

Distribution System Protection
Optimized management of distribution feeder performance is critical for the economical delivery of reliable electric power to connected customer loads.  Reliable electric power is important to everyone and SEL offers intelligent protection, monitoring, and control devices to maintain the best quality of service available and communication capabilities to create a smart grid.  Our recloser control products are compatible with all popular reclosers and offer advanced control and automation capabilities.
Feeder protection products are used on utility, industrial, and commercial electrical systems around the world and include many built-in features such as phasor measurement units, logic control equations, and integrated communication protocols.  Voltage regulation provides the best power quality to end users and help the distribution grid work more efficiently

Synchrophasor Products
SEL synchrophasor products provide tools to collect and concentrate, view, archive, and process synchrophasor information.  Select the best hardware or software package to meet your needs.  Combine the power of synchrophasor message processing with flexible programmable logic for wide-area protection and control applications

Transformer, Bus, Breaker, and Capacitor Protection
Substation apparatus are valuable assets in power delivery systems.  Select the SEL relay model that best suits the system application requirements for protection of transformers, buses, circuit breakers, and shunt capacitor banks.

Generator and Motor Protection
Protecting a generator or motor from electrical or mechanical damage is only one of many important functions required for today's rotating machinery.  Measuring and reporting system conditions such as off-nominal-frequency operation for generators, or motor starting trends for critical motors can be as important as the protection itself.  SEL provides a variety of advanced motor and generator protection systems.

Revenue and Power Quality Metering
The SEL-734 Revenue Metering System brings our focus on quality, reliability, innovation, and service to the metering industry.  The SEL-734 is a transformer-rated, 4-quadrant, 0.2 Accuracy Class meter for substation, generation, and industrial metering.  The SEL-734 also includes communications capabilities that reduce wiring and maintenance, flexible automation capabilities for optimal equipment control, and a suite of power quality metering and control features.

Industrial Power
SEL is excited about bringing the advantages of secure, sensitive, reliable protective relays to the industrial power market with products and services for motor, generator, transformer, and feeder protection, control, and monitoring, plus integrated communications!  Visit

Integration and Automation
Easily connect SEL Communications Processors to SEL relays and a variety of other manufacturers’ devices including SCADA or DCS systems.  Microprocessor-based relays and controllers have information that people and organizations want, including relay operations, metering, event reports, self-test status, power quality reports, demand reports, and equipment maintenance reports.  From the beginning, SEL has offered easy ways to get this information from the relays and controllers to the users.  Today, we offer technologies, products, systems, and services that address the entire application spectrum, from communicating with a single relay to integrating and automating the metering, control, reporting, and protection for a large system

SEL Rugged Computing Products
SEL rugged computing products are designed and tested to the same IEEE and IEC standards that apply to protective relays and substation communications equipment: to withstand vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, and extreme temperatures.  With no fans or other moving parts and the SEL worldwide, ten-year product warranty, these products employ the most reliable, robust technology available for demanding applications.

Fiber-Optic Communications
Apply low-cost point-to-point fiber-optic communications hardware using fiber-optic transceivers/modems and optical cables

SEL Software Solutions
SEL software solutions provide the tools you need to most efficiently communicate, set, manage, and analyze your SEL relays.  Use SEL software solutions to create and edit relay settings, communicate with SEL Communications Processors, develop and analyze protection characteristics for induction motors, and much more.  SEL software applications provide a graphical user interface for setting, managing, and analyzing your SEL protective relays.

SEL provides equipment, software, and services to help you test and commission products and systems.  Our Systems and Services Division provides Model Power System testing services.

SEL builds various devices for easy communications throughout your networks that includes Ethernet, wireless and radio, fiber optic and secure communications for protection your data.
SEL Accessories
Completing a substation or a control house requires more than relays.  SEL provides contact arc suppressors, linear power supplies, displays, UPSs, selector switches, panel-mount hardware, bezels, dust covers, cables, and other accessories essential for a successful power system project.

Power System Protection, Automation and Integration Solution for:
Utilities and Municipalities
Oil and Gas

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