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Contact: KC Motlohi

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Contact: KRF Motlohi

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Key sector/s:
  • Electronics
  • Information Technnology
  • Power
  • Telecomms
Tel:+27 823350711
Fax:+27 51 4341138
Postal address:

PO Box 21172 Heidedal, Bloemfontein, 9306

Physical address:

6841 Mangaung, Phahameng ,EXT 8,Bloemfontein 9315


Company profile

MTKK CONSULTANTS were established and registered in 2005 as a close corporation, in Bloemfontein (Mangaung), South Africa, with the objective of being a consulting engineering firm enough to afford personal involvement from its directors, staff and associates.  MTKK (cc) is 100% black owned private company. We provide and specialise in engineering designs and implementation of professional consulting services mainly in the energy sectors (power, renewables and petrochemical) for electrical, electronics, information technology, environmental projects and project management thereof.

1. Electrical Engineering: involves research, design, development and operation of electrical machinery and equipment (energy-efficiency), as well as lighting and heating of offices, factories and homes.

2. Electronic Engineering & Information Management: involves design, development and operation of low-power electricity to control equipment such as: telecommunications equipment, radio and television, computer applications, communications systems, diagnostic equipment and control systems.

3. Environmental Engineering(CDM Projects): involves research, designs, development and implement management of pollution control measures , ecological processes, conservation measures, solid waste disposal systems (limited) , and the preparation and implementation of environmental management plans through use cross-cutting edge technology and engineering principles.

4. Project Management: Project management is a formalized and structured method of managing change in a rigorous manner. We focus on producing specifically defined outputs by a certain time, to a defined quality and with a given level of resources so that planned outcomes are achieved.

MTKK offer also other comprehensive range of professional consultancy services / solutions, thus engineering and design, power system studies, renewable energy sources and energy-efficiency, Technical advisory services, energy planning and modelling and drafting of energy policies done through audits, feasibility and due-diligence studies. Established on the core values of honesty, commitment, integrity, transparency, excellence, professionalism, competitiveness and executive, MTKK believes in delivering customized and value-added quality engineering solutions to its conscious customers.

Specialised Services : Technical due diligence (Techno -Economic modeling), Research &

development (R&D), hazardous area zoning determination(classification-for gas & dust  explosions

only in electrical / electronic environment , Technical investigations using Tap root methodologies (at

infancy stage) and Clean development mechanisms (CDM).


MTKK aim and other objectives are to contribute towards young professional development in engineering and other career professions. Young graduate’s professional registration, in-service training, mentoring and facilitation through intensive project involvement and participation (gender preference-females).


MTKK believe in sharing and exchanging our knowledge and experiences with other relevant competitors through joint-ventures and contractual agreements, Our strategy underlines the importance of setting base to work in close liaison with the local, national and international stakeholders and customers and make them a part of the business. MTKK are fully committed to compliance: health & safety, quality and environmental policies.


MTKK typical clients are power & energy utilities, municipalities, private facilities, institutions, industrial facilities, mining, commercial buildings, residential buildings, government departments ,projects and buildings and oil & gas plant facilities: Energy Efficiency clients include building owners, factories, property developers and contractors, architects, governments and utility companies.

Product & services

Transmission and sub-transmission 240V, 11/22 &132KV : Sub-Station, Transmission, Distribution & Reticulation Overhead Power-line ,Street lighting & building facility Lighting, High-mast lighting, Control and Plant automation , Voltage regulators, HV, MV and LV switchgear, Cap banks, Network sectionalizing and Co-ordination, Maintenance, Minor customer transformers , Bulk point supply & bulk metering , Underground and cabling network . distribution boards, protection, Control and metering systems up to 132kV level : feeder protection, Busbar protection, transformer protection, distance protection, tap changer schemes and substation automation

Power System Studies master plans, load forecast, feasibility , energy and techno-financial/economic modelling and analysis, network modelling, equipment sizing, load-flow, short circuit, stability, motor starting, harmonic analysis and filter sizing, reactive power control and earthing and  protection relays settings and coordination

Alternative Energy & Renewable Power Project. Energy efficiency projects, Integrated control systems, Electrical protection systems, Building management systems, Energy Management, Turnkey energy efficiency solutions, Load management and load reduction, Load shifting, energy efficiency Retrofitting designs ,Residential mass rollout (CFL’s) programs, Solar water heating systems, Building management system, Power monitoring and control systems, Motor replacement programs.

Energy-Efficiency: energy benchmarking, energy audits, financial and technical feasibility analysis, energy management, green building consulting and demand side management, solar electricity and solar thermal systems, lighting systems, construction management and commissioning.

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