Diacoustic Medical Devices (Pty) Ltd

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Contact: Thys Cronje
e-Mail: thys.cronje@diacoustic.co.za

Secondary contact

Contact: Liz Rabie
e-Mail: liz@diacoustic.co.za

Company details

Key sector/s:
  • Electronics
  • Information technology
Tel:+27 (0) 21 880 2223
Fax:+27 (0) 86 557 0778
Postal address:

Suite no 173 Private bag X14 Die Boord 7613

Physical address:

Octo Place A 103, Elektron Road, Techno Park, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, 7600


Company profile

Diacoustic Medical Devices (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 2007 and situated in Stellenbosch, South Africa with major shareholders the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Stellenbosch University (SU) and GeoMed (Pty) Ltd.

The company focuses on the design, development and manufacture of decision support systems for medical and health applications in the e-health and m-health environment.

Diacoustic Medical Devices is in the process of developing and commercializing a rapid, low cost screening device, called Sensi, that can be utilized by professional nurses, primary physicians and paediatricians irrespective of geographical location and/or economic situation, to screen large number of children in a hospital, clinic, child health clinic or mobile-clinic environment for pathological heart murmurs.


Product & services

Sensi Soft – software running on a PC, interfacing with a electronic stethoscope, able to visualize, analyze and screen for pathological heart murmurs.
Sensi Touch – a hand held medical device interfacing with an electronic stethoscope, able to analyze and screen for pathological heart murmurs.

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